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Uberti Vorderlader 1858 New Improv. Army, STAINLESS,Target
Uberti Vorderlader 1858 New Improv. Army, STAINLESS,Target Produktbild
Uberti Vorderlader 1858 New Improv. Army, STAINLESS,Target

Kal. 44 (.457), 8" Lauf, Stainless, verstellbares Visier

Though many percussion revolvers were on the market before during and after the Civil War no firearm offered such a challenge to the dominant Colt revolvers as did the 1858 Remington. Produced in both .36 caliber (Navy) and in the more popular .44 caliber the 1858 Revolver was considered by many to be every bit the gun a Colt was and then some. It is said that soldiers of the Civil War not only preferred it by far as their choice of sidearm but would actually trade a handful of Colts for one Remington New Army. In fact after the war the Remington out-sold the Colt as a surplus weapon to veterans who had experienced first hand how the two guns stood up side by side to the rigors of combat use. The strength of the Remington had always been the first issue in its favor. As elegant as the Colt revolvers were they lacked the strength of the solid frame Remington. Perhaps not as easily dismantled for cleaning the Remington 1858 was full framed and capable of bearing under greater abuse than the open-top design of the Colt. 

Special finishes


Technical features
Caliber: .44
Length of Barrel: 5½" - 8"
Overall Length: bbl.8 13.38"
Weight: bbl.8 2.69 lbs
Barrel: Casted stainless steel
Frame: Casted stainless steel
Twist: Left
Grip: Two pieces walnut
Magazine tube capacity: 6
Barrel Shape: Octagonal Tapered
Sight: Fixed or adjustable


627,00 EUR (inkl. USt.)

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