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Nosler .308 180grs/11,77gr Custom Competition
Nosler .308 180grs/11,77gr Custom Competition  Produktbild
Nosler .308 180grs/11,77gr Custom Competition

100er Pkg.

Custom Competition Bullet

Nosler® has blended the accuracy of its Custom Competition™ bullet jackets with its own ultra-precise, lead-alloy cores to create the performance standard for match rifle and pistol bullets. The hollow point provides a small meplat for reduced drag and increased aerodynamic efficiency while the pronounced boat-tail design provides efficient flight characteristics over a wide range of velocities. 

Try a box of Nosler® Custom Competition™ bullets today and experience the new match standard.

Nosler Hollow Point
Provides small meplat for reduced drag and increased aerodynamic efficiency.

Custom Quality Jacket
Engineered to exhibit unmatched accuracy.

Form-Fitted, Lead-Alloy Core
For maximum bullet stability and balance.

Pronounced Boat Tail Design
Provides excellent flight characteristics over a range of velocities


69,10 EUR (inkl. USt.)

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