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Ddupleks DUPO 36/76
Dduplex Flintenlaufgeschoss DUPO 12/70 28 gramm 5er Pkg. Produktbild
Ddupleks DUPO 36/76

7,1 gramm 5er Pkg.

Powerful stopping impact
Unique expansion effect
Increased impact area by fragmentation

Technical data:
Slug weight: 7.1 g / 110 gr
Muzzle velocity: 470 m/s / 1540 fps
Muzzle energy: 785 J / 580 fp

The only available expanding slug for 410 caliber – DUPO 7 has a unique 26 mm expansion diameter – larger than all of the small arms expanding ammunition in similar calibers. An increase of the front surface area provides an effective transfer of energy – 100% of the energy is transferred to a game animal’s body. Such characteristics allow converting your 410 bore bird gun into a capable roe deer or whitetail deer hunting gun just by changing the cartridge.

The main advantages:
  • Maximum energy transfer at the moment of hit
  • Frontal part of the slug expands to a 26 mm diameter in the moment of impact
  • Unique hydro-shock effect for a 410 caliber slug
  • Extensive splinter cone damage
  • Lead-free
  • Minimal friction in the barrel
  • Can be used in all chokes
  • Highest accuracy with a cylinder choke
  • Suitable also for rifled barrels

A powerful expansion effect combined with fragmentation provides an increased impact area. The main body of the slug and six sharp splinters create wound channels that form a 5 inch diameter cone 5 inches deep. Seven wound channels with one hit provide the effect of buckshot with the energy of a slug.

Dupo 7 is the only available lead-free 410 bore slug cartridge in the market – an environment friendly solution for small game hunting in lead-banned zones. The powerful Dupo 7 cartridge can be used for a wide range of game animals – not only small varmints like fox and raccoon dog can be hunted, but also roe deer or even whitetail deer. Suitable for use in shotguns (and also .45LC/410 caliber revolvers), the almost recoilless 410 caliber cartridge now offers a powerful slug for a young hunter.

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