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Ddupleks HEXOLIT 12/70 32 S
Dduplex12/70 HEXOLIT 32 s Produktbild
Ddupleks HEXOLIT 12/70 32 S

32gramm, STEEL, 10er Pkg

A hollow pointed, expanding and fragmenting steel slug encased in polymer. Expanding steel main body with 6 expanding petals in forepart provides fast expansion of slug and effective energy transfer.


  • Hollow-pointed steel slug
  • Expanding and fragmenting
  • Fast energy transfer
  • Huge stopping power
  • Lead-free, environment-friendly


  • Effective stopping power for large animals and other living targets
  • Suitable for penetration of tyres, wheels and other metal parts of the vehicle.
  • Penetration of metal plates
  • Penetration of plywood and metal walls
  • Fast energy transfer in target
  • Wide impact in a large area


  • Tactical operations
  • Short range combat in urban areas or on ships
  • Stopping of large, attacking animals or other living targets
  • Tractor or car tyre deflation
  • Entry – door breaching or destruction of walls
  • Car stopping


  • Suitable for use in any type of 12 gauge shotgun
  • Allows the use of all types of chokes
  • Designed for smooth bore weapons, suitable for use in rifled barrels
  • Functions well in pump-action and semi-automatic weapons


28,10 EUR (inkl. USt.)

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